Congratulations to the 2017 Frigo® Cheese Heads® Build a Bright Future Contest winners!
These 10 schools will win awards to help build a brighter future for their students. Click on any entry to view it in full.
$10,000 GRAND PRIZE WINNER! Celebration K-8 School
$2,500 RUNNERS UP!
Celebration K-8 School
Brandon W. - Celebration, FL
By the next decade, employment opportunities in STEM will grow 55% faster than in any other field. As the Middle School STEM teacher, I am committed to empower students to recognize the value of pursuing higher education in STEM and target the wide-ranging, exciting STEM career opportunities. Located in Osceola County, where 75,500+ children live below poverty level, Celebration K-8 is a dynamic A-grade school, which serves 1,500 students from diverse ethnical and social backgrounds. A larger influx of STEM-qualified young professionals into the local workforce will contribute to reinvigorating the Osceola County economy and address poverty. Implementing innovative educational programs that bridge the gap to STEM higher education will make a lasting impact in the lives of students. The $10,000 grant will be utilized to launch two groundbreaking STEM learning experiences. The school will dedicate $5,300 to purchasing a classroom bundle of “Project Lead the Way” robotics equipment, to engage students into a thrilling multi-grade robotics competition. And $4,700 will help purchase electronic supplies, tools and 3-D printers to create an interactive “MakerSpace”, where students can create and build prototypes that indulge their imaginations. These two opportunities will inspire 500+ students to become the builders and innovators of tomorrow.
Cerra Vista Elementary School
Karen F. - Hollister, CA
At Cerra Vista Elementary School in Hollister, California we are hard at work building a better and brighter future for our students. Teachers work tirelessly creating engaging lessons and providing exceptional learning opportunities. Our staff is committed to being and giving our best to our students. We recently created a STEAM LAB where our students are making amazing discoveries in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math! While our Lab has been stocked with generous donations, we will not be able to sustain the Lab over time without more help, and we fear its bright light may dim. In addition to needing more consumable items, we would love to add technology and non fiction books to our Lab, providing opportunities for research and discovery. Our STEAM LAB challenges our students to think deeply, make connections and create solutions. Ultimately, the Lab builds better and brighter students, citizens and leaders.
Central Elementary
Linda G. - Seagoville, TX
GREEN. Yes, that is the color that I would like to see at Central Elementary. Green plants, green vegetables,and green leaves would be lovely. This school could benefit from a school garden, but we need money to make it happen.The school is a Title 1 school. The majority of the school's population live in poverty. A school garden would teach responsibility as the students helped to maintain it. Each scholar would become a responsible caretaker. A school garden would help the students connect with each other and instill an appreciation and respect for nature. Students would learn about healthy food choices. Gardening would increase moderate exercise and would be a 'Safe Place" for students. The students in pre-Kindergarten thru 5th grade would be more accepting of each other, learn from each other, and have opportunities to see their teachers in another setting. Our school needs the GREEN money to build our garden. We have the perfect spot but we need the tools to be able to maintain it. I attended this community school as a child, retired from teaching there after 32 years, and now substitute there. I walk by this perfect garden spot daily. Help make us bloom.
St. Nicholas Cathedral School
Elizabeth K - Chicago, IL
PHYSICAL EDUCATION!!! Our incredible school might be little, but boy does it have a BIG heart! Not only are we constantly striving to improve our academic focus, we are desperately trying to improve our youth athletic program. We have a small track team and now forming a formal basketball team! Through fundraising we have managed to make repairs to our gym and paint the floor, but we still need help! The $10,000 can help increase our athletic program by providing uniforms, improve facilities, provide bleachers to host games safely and more importantly, improve the health of our students! Obesity is taking over and our kids spend more and more time simply sitting at desks and staring at blue screens! We need to get our kids MOVING! But we need funds to help expand programs and offerings! Chicago is cold....we need to ensure we have adequate space for our kids to exercise, which will in turn stimulate their minds and overall lead to longer, healthier lives! These funds will also help improve our recess area, giving kids more opportunity to stretch their legs during school days. It's all about living HEALTHY LIVES!!! Prevention is the key. Help!!! Thank you!
Holy Family Holy Name
Beth M - New Bedford, MA
Holy Family Holy Name School is in the heart of the city of New Bedford. The students who attend the school come from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The school could use $10,000.00 to enhance our Science Lab. We would like to develop a nutritional component to our science curriculum where the students would learn how to grow their own vegetables, understand the nutritional value of a healthy meal and learn how to prepare and cook a healthy meal, using the vegetables that they would grow in the raised planter in the science lab. It is our hope that the children who attend the school develop the tools they need to live a healthy and happy life. We believe the funds would go to good use, as the children need to be able to experience what is needed to be able to grow their own vegetables. Having this addition in our science lab will help the students enhance their knowledge of the importance of a balanced diet. We strongly believe that a hearty diet makes for a healthy student. We don't want to see our children ever go hungry. we wnat them to know the importance of good food.
Abundant Life Christian School
Cindy H - La Marque, TX
There are two programs that would be a huge benefit to our students. One is music and the other is STEM. Both of these programs give students the opportunity to use their talents, creative abilities, and leadership skills. Students of all ages love to use their voices and they love to keep their hands moving. How many times does a teacher say "Keep your voices down," or "Keep your hands to yourself"? The addition of these two programs would give students freedom to raise their voices in beautiful songs and complete hands on activities that teach them valuable principles of science, technology, engineering and math. It is a well know fact that both music and hands on projects create an avenue for learning that surpasses the traditional textbook and worksheet. The funding from this contest would open those avenues for our students, and I am certain we would hear and see the beauty of creativity coming from our talented students. Programs such as this have become vital to successful schools and this opportunity would raise our success level to new heights.
Powell Valley Elementary
Melissa E - Speedwell, TN
Lights, Camera, Action! Students at Powell Valley have a fantastic opportunity to expand their communication skills through multimedia. Our school has the necessary infrastructure for producing a news program. We are located in the northeastern part of Tennessee that is a rural, economically disadvantaged area. The news program would allow student to advance their Technology and ELA standards in communication, research, speaking/listening, and written expression. We have the necessary space and have pulled together a video camera and two computers but they have outdated operating systems. We envision having a media class where students can interview other students, teachers, professionals and leaders in our community and produce presentations to be used within the program. To accomplish this we need additional and updated equipment which includes: • Three desktop computers for script, weather, and history segments • Twenty-five tablets, with protective cases for student use before, during, and after school • One VCR recorder to reach out into the community through social media • Production/Editing Software Please help us with this equipment so our students can produce a morning news program and reach out to our community with lights, camera, and action.
James H. Harrison
Laura C - Laurel, MD
I have the honor of being the Assistant Principal at James H. Harrison. We are a school that is located just outside Washington DC. We service about 330 students with diverse economic and ethnic backgrounds. Our school houses 2 special education programs with a variety of disabilities. With such a diverse student population, we are always looking for ways to engage our special learners. With this money, we will invest in updating our technology to include tablets that provide our students with access to a more rounded curriculum using new virtual and augmented reality apps provided through Discovery Education. We will help students build background knowledge by being able to visit different locations, explore the ocean and even travel through space as if they were right there. We will also utilize the tablets to provide our non verbal students with access to the needed apps that will provide them voice output capability and touch answering response. A lot of schools ask for money for technology which is precisely what we are doing. However, we are looking to reinvent or reinvigorate the impact that technology can have in the classroom. Please help us continue to be forward thinking educators.
Carver Elementary
Angelina F - Newport News, VA
Carver Elementary is a great school with great people who open their hearts to all who walk in. One cannot help but feel part of the family when they enter. I would love to see the school add to their classroom libraries. Classroom libraries allow students to check out books to take home every day. How wonderful for students to have a section of books at their reading level and at their fingertips. Reading is very important and it is important that students are constantly exposed to different types of text. Reading books help students increase vocabulary, learn sentence structure, be exposed to different types of characters and lifestyles which help social and emotional development. Reading fosters a lifelong love of reading and learning. Our Carver Colts are not students but scholars. A scholar because the student’s education is not limited to the classroom but also goes beyond to their experiences in the world around them. It would be fantastic to see their bright smiles as they can check out and bring home a different book every day. Having the ability to meet new people and take a journey to different times and places.
Fairview Elementary School
Cynthia M - Fairview, NC
Our elementary school is a regional provider of K-5 education and therapy services for chidden with disabilities. We have been working for the past 4 years to transform a 3 acre greenspace into a fully wheelchair accessible playground. We have come so far but we are in the homestretch and need to fundraise for our wheelchair friendly "pourable in place" surfacing for the new playground equipment so that wheelchairs can access the equipment. We are so excited to have come this far but we need help for this final push and most important component of this beautiful project to include ALL children of all abilities to play and socialize with their peers
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